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Over the last few years, I have taken Reiki classes with Allison, participated in Reiki shares and workshops, and have knowledge of the benefits she brings to our animal friends through Reiki and equine fascial integration work. Additionally, I had received Reiki for myself from Allison a few times in the past. These Reiki sessions proved to be invaluable after recovering from major surgery and chemotherapy late last year. I have been seeing Allison once a month since then, as Reiki seems to be the only thing that has a lasting effect on my neuropathy (pain, tingly, numbness in extremities), which can be quite painful and restrictive to normal daily tasks. These Reiki sessions have reduced the need for managing these symptoms with medication—a welcomed benefit. Allison’s intuition and experience allows her to focus on the areas that are in need, without me having to mention it. I feel lucky to have discovered the benefits of Reiki through Allison and so appreciate her guidance and support through what has been a challenging time to navigate.

Allison does her work humbly and with great focus and intention. She is a thoughtful and thorough teacher, and a wonderful steward for promoting healing and wellness for both humans and animals. It is evident that Allison is dedicated to her work and is appropriately certified and credentialed in her field. I highly recommend Allison and All Is One Wellness Arts.

--Anonymous, June 2019

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